Harare Fall 2014


Harare_2 harare_3The controlled chaos and riotous colors of abstract expressionism was present in Harare’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection.
Harare is the namesake of Australian educated, but New York based designer Caroline Fuss.
Drawing upon the works of American artists such as Frankenthaler, Diebenkorn and Rothko, we see a young designer who successfully translates the post war color palette, turning the dial from deep, optimistic blues to a fresh, aquatic teal and yellows that glow from marigold to California sun. We saw nubby, textured wools and quiet pleats, while geometric patterns scattered energetically across coats and fitted trousers.
The feel and mood was still sophisticated with a Native American touch. The collection was cohesive and thoughtful, rounding out a “canvas” of rich colors and textures. – Jeanie Kwak.
Photos by Charles Gigante